How to Score French Bread and Round Loaves

by , June 30, 2017
how to score bread
Diana Rattray

Bread is often scored to prevent it from bursting in other places and to control the expansion. A razor blade or baker's lame are the preferred tools for scoring bread, but a very sharp knife can work as well.
  1. Score a loaf just before it goes into the oven and after any egg wash has been applied.
  2. When you score a baguette or oblong loaf, imagine a street running up the middle of the loaf. Score the loaf at an angle and within the imaginary street, and leave just a bit of space between slashes.
  3. For round loaves or boules, score with parallel slashes or criss-cross slashes. Or be creative with a pattern.
  4. If you score from side to side leaving too much space between slashes, you might have noticeable bulges in the bread.
  5. The bread in the photo is my chocolate cherry bread.

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