Basic Barbecue Sauce With Molasses

by , January 29, 2018
barbecue sauce

This super easy 5-minute barbecue sauce has plenty of flavor. Just throw everything together in a saucepan and simmer for a few minutes. Add liquid smoke to the sauce if you'd like smoky flavor.
Spicy Barbecue Sauce

Prep Time: 2 minutes
Cook Time: 3 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes
Yield: 16 servings



  1. Combine the ketchup, molasses, brown sugar, vinegar, tomato paste, and cayenne pepper in a saucepan. Place the pan over medium heat and bring to a simmer.
  2. Simmer the sauce for about 5 minutes; add salt and pepper, to taste.
  3. If desired, add 1/2 teaspoon or more of liquid smoke, to taste.
  4. Use on ribs, chops, chicken, or burgers, or serve it as a dip.
  5. The recipe makes about 2 cups of barbecue sauce.

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