Rigatoni with Beef Strips



To make the onion broth, put onions, broth, water, tomato paste, thyme, and marjoram into a nonstick soup pot. Cover and cook over low heat for 2 hours. Set aside.

Heat a heavy saute pan over high heat and spray with butter-flavored vegetable spray. Saute beef quickly to desired doneness. Remove meat and put into onion broth. Put about 1/2 cup of the onion broth into the saute pan, and scrape the brown bits from the pan, mixing them with the broth. Pour this into onion broth with meat. Season with salt and pepper.

Cook pasta until al dente, drain, and mix in with beef mixture. Serve immediately, sprinkled with parsley.

Recipe adapted from "Good-For-You Pasta Cookbook"

Serves 4

Calories per serving: 435
Fat per serving: 12.3


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