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Rote Grütze (Red Fruit Jelly)



1. Wash the fruit. Put half of the strawberries, the raspberries, the redcurrants, half of the blue berries and the blackberries into a pot, add the sugar, creme de cassis, red wine, port and half of the lemon juice and bring to boil.

2. When the fruits are soft, strain them to remove the tiny seeds.

3. Heat this fruit suace and season with the rest of lemon juice, sugar, the rum, the orange juice and some cinnamon.

4. Stone the cherries and fold them into the hot fruit sauce, together with the rest of the strawberries and blue berries. Mix the cornstarch with a little bit of cold water and add it to the jelly, until it is thick (not stiff, so probably you won't need all of the cornstarch!).

5. Let it cool and put it into the fridge for some hours until it is very cool.

6. Serve with vanilla ice cream or with whipped cream.
From B. Mohr

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