Tips for Using a Convection Oven

by , June 30, 2017
convection oven
Diana Rattray

A convection oven uses a fan to circulate the heated air, which means a lower cooking temperature and more even heating, making the oven an efficient alternative to the standard oven. These handy tips will help you use your convection oven more effectively.
  1. Reduce the temperature by 25 F (14 C)
  2. Preheat an oven when using convection settings just as you would for conventional settings.
  3. If you are using glass cookware, there is no need to lower the temperature more than 25 F.
  4. Foods which take a long time to cook, such as roasts, will be done sooner, so check temperatures and check for doneness sooner. Baked goods take less time to cook, so will generally take about the same amount of time as in a conventional oven.
  5. Use baking dishes with low sides to better take advantage of the air circulation.
  6. If you can switch between regular and convection, consider slow roasting with regular settings, then use the convection setting near the end for better browning.
  7. Finally, read the manual. The manufacturer will have a list of the best settings and temperatures for various foods, along with other useful information.

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